Living on Vancouver Island

If you are looking for more information about life on Vancouver Island and are considering making the move here, look no further.

More and more young individuals and families, as well as small business owners, have been investing in real estate on Vancouver Island. There was once a time where it was an area that was mostly considered desirable to live in by those who were wanting a quaint area to retire in. Now, that has changed and the island has become a place that is enjoyable and has many activities and things to do for those of all ages.

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in real estate on Vancouver Island and we’re going to tell you about a few of them.

With the island being so close to Vancouver itself, many buyers are choosing to invest here because it is known to be more affordable than purchasing a home on the mainland. By taking a short ferry ride, you can easily get to the city of Vancouver and yet avoid paying the extremely high costs of living there permanently. This is an awesome opportunity for those looking to purchase their first home within the Vancouver area as it has become quite a tough market especially for those who are just entering into it. Many of those who are choosing to purchase on the island are looking to reduce their debt or save a considerable amount of money on their mortgage payments. This also means if you are looking for an investment property and something that will cash flow, this is a great area to do so as well.

As much as the prices of homes on Vancouver Island are much more affordable than property in the city of Vancouver itself, the lifestyle is also something to be excited about. If you love the outdoors, you will never be shy of things to do. Surrounded by ocean and lush green forest, Vancouver Island is the perfect place for activities such as hiking, mountain biking as well as any water sports you can think of. For those interested in starting a business, it is very feasible to do so here, therefore, being an amazing opportunity for recently graduated students, entrepreneurs or those of any age who have decided they want to start something of their own!

Parksville is currently one of the fastest growing regions on Vancouver Island with many young professionals and families choosing to make it their new home. This is a great place for people of all ages, whether you have young children or you are a retiree looking for a beautiful spot to settle down in.

If you enjoy both city life as well as all the outdoor activities that Vancouver Island has to offer, Parksville may be a great place for you to invest in. The city offers different housing options such as residential and condominiums, depending on your property preference, lots of which are very close to shopping centres and many restaurants. Parksville is a great location being so central to many areas and is very accessible to the city of Vancouver by ferry. Located on the East coast of Vancouver Island, you can enjoy spectacular views and scenery of both the ocean and mountains.

Parksville is a great town for people and families of all ages as it offers plenty of different activities depending on your interests. If you’re a food lover, a great place to visit is Morningstar Farm where you can spend an afternoon pairing wines with different types of delicious cheeses.

Whether you like beaches or camping, an urban or nature-filled lifestyle, Parksville has it all. Beaches like Rathrevor is a great place to spend the weekends with friends and family and are just a short walk from all surrounding campsites. Beach activities such as kayaking, canoeing and boating are very popular here if you enjoy partaking in water sports.

The town is dedicated to putting on many celebrations throughout the year for the residents of Parksville to enjoy, be it Canada Day, the Christmas light show during the holidays, or Brant Wildlife festival in the spring. It’s an exciting place to be and regardless of what season it is, you will always find that there is something entertaining to do here.

For more information on real estate opportunities in Parksville, please get in contact with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding properties for sale or about the area of Parksville itself.

Qualicum Beach is a great place to invest in if you’re looking for a spot that is quiet and laid back, making it a great area for those who are retired. The neighbourhood is a very safe place and is surrounded by sandy beaches as well as beautiful parks. The town is amazing for those who love the outdoors and appreciate anything to do with nature. Qualicum is filled with lots of cute shops, public gardens and even museums for those who enjoy cultural experiences. The climate here makes it a desirable place to live all year around as you can expect to have many warm days in the summer, yet mild winters that very rarely ever have harsh weather conditions.

Whether you enjoy spending your weekends golfing, at the beach, hiking or canoeing, you will never be short of things to do in this lovely town. If you wish to explore the surrounding islands, it is no more than a quick boat-ride to take you there. Qualicum is constantly putting on fun events throughout the year that are suitable for everyone of all ages. Summer events include beach days, St. Mark’s Fair, Canada Day celebrations, and many more. You can expect lots to do as far as town celebrations during the winter holiday season as well.

Qualicum Beach is one of the loveliest areas in BC to buy real estate regardless of if you’re looking to live here primarily or invest in a vacation home where you can happily spend your weekend getaways. Whatever type of property you may be looking for, from condominiums to cottage style properties or even a luxury home, Qualicum has it all.

For more information on real estate opportunities in Qualicum, please get in contact with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding properties for sale or about the area of Qualicum itself.